Are you in need of a new website? Or does your old one need an upgrade? We can design and build you a modern, professional, mobile optimised, responsive, functional and attractive website.

What you will get with an ALS Marketing website:

All of our websites are built with WordPress which is a user-friendly Content Management System which means that content can be easily added, updated and deleted without using complicated code. We will train you on this upon project completion if you would like to manage and update your website yourself, or we can also provide regular updates, maintenance and content creation for a small fee.

Your website will include your own individual domain name, such as, .com, .org etc, your choice of layout and design, stock images if required (or new photographs), targeted SEO if required and our best advice about getting your website functioning properly and looking good.

All of our websites are also fully responsive, dynamic and mobile optimised, meaning that they can be viewed on all devices including tablets and smartphones – an essential element of website design since mobile website usage is significantly higher than desktop usage. In fact some web designers now begin with designing a website for mobile! We’ll always design a site which looks its best and works correctly across all platforms.


Because every website is different, we’ll need to talk with you before quoting you properly for the work involved. We’ll discuss all the details, from what you want your website to achieve and what you want it to look like, your budget, your desired domain name, target market, design options, suggested layout and everything else and work with you on a one-to-one basis throughout the project. Prices start at just £600 for a simple starter website with your own domain name, up to 6 pages and 1 year’s hosting*. 

We can also provide ecommerce sites (shops), accommodation booking sites, event booking sites, photography sites and more. Prices vary depending on the complexity and length of the project. Please get in contact for more information and to discuss your project with us.

​*There is an annual fee which starts at £60 for hosting (plus domain name renewal which varies) depending on the content of your site.


A simple website which you need quickly could be up and running within just a few days. However, more complex sites which need a specific design and layout, new images, keyword-driven copywriting or detailed booking systems will take longer. We will discuss your desired live date and always work to your needs.

Local website design:

We spend time with our clients to get them the best website for their business. If you would like a free consultation anywhere in the Forest of Dean, Wye Valley or anywhere else in or near Gloucestershire just get in contact.


Our website for Edale House B&B



If you need a personalised email address such as we can set this up for you, and provide annual hosting.


Staying in contact with your customers is essential, and return custom is big business. We can integrate a newsletter sign up option to your website, design you a personalised newsletter template and write and send your first newsletter, using high tech software which tracks every open, click and response. Monthly management available.

Google Analytics:

We can install analytics to your website to keep you informed of your site’s activity. It gives you insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back.

Advanced SEO:

​Search Engine Optimisation is imperative for your website to show up on Google and other search engines. We give you the basics with your website, but if you really want to push your business, you’ll need a lot more. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it does work. Get in contact to discuss your options.


We can offer content creation if you need it, to professionally manage the content for each of your website’s pages (see our Copywriting page for more information).


We can set up an online blog for you and if you like we can also create posts. If your current website has this capability already, we can use that, if not we can set up a separate one using a relevant blog host. Monthly management available.

A blog will help increase awareness of your business and generate more engaging content for your customers. It can also help raise your business’s profile as a leader in your industry, rather than a follower and improve your SEO. Information spreads, and if you are capable of creating interesting information, you will also create a new platform to spread the word about your business.

Website tidy up:

Want a spring clean? We can sweep away the cobwebs, modernise, optimise, redesign and/or provide a review for as little as £25. If you’ve not updated your website in a while, this might be just what you need to start afresh without paying for a completely new website.

Monthly management plans:

We provide monthly website management for a variety of businesses and services. We can ensure that your business is kept up-to-date and relevant with monthly enhanced SEO and keyword management, blog posts, CMS updates, back-ups, news feeds, branding, reviews, photos and more.

Payment plans:

We offer monthly website design packages from as little as £30 per month. If you would prefer to pay monthly please let us know at your initial consultation and we can draw up a payment plan.


Some clients like us to manage their website once it is live, and others like to manage it themselves. We can provide training so that you can edit and add to your website yourself. Just ask.


Please see our Portfolio page for examples of some of the websites we have created for our clients. You can see our blog here which highlights several of our web design projects as well including Edale House B&B and Hidden Valley Yurts


What is CMS?
Content Management System: a website design which works on a template base, designed to make it easy for users to add, edit and manage the website without understanding complicated code.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation: making your website as visible as possible to the search engines so that you show up as high as possible in their results.