We are in a digital age. As business owners we need to move with technology or be left behind. Social media is where your customers are and therefore where you need to be.

Utilising social media for your business enables you to raise awareness, target potential customers, engage with them, grow brand loyalty and reach new audiences.

Why use social media?

Your business needs to be sourcing from and interacting with the amazing prospective customer pool online. Not doing so makes poor business sense. Not doing so properly makes even poorer business sense!

Social media is where small business marketing can get excellent results from much lower outlays than traditional print marketing and advertising. Facebook currently earns over £3billion per month(!) in advertising revenue. It works, which is why so many businesses use it.

What we do

At ALS Marketing we live and breathe social media. It’s been at the forefront of what we do for many years and a service we are particularly well known for. What we can provide for you depends on your business’s needs, goals and skills. We can do it all, or we can get the ball rolling and leave the rest to you. The best thing is for you to get in contact and discuss your options with us.

We have exceptional social media skills and are adept at running the accounts of a broad variety of businesses. You can find links to our own social media accounts at the bottom of this page, so check us out and see our own successful social media profiles. We will also promote your business on our own social media, on our website and to our networking groups for free!

What we do differently

Accuracy (so often missing on social media), attention to detail and experience plus taking the time to form a full and thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses. We don’t just post. We don’t create a ‘one size fits all’ social media marketing plan. Because social media accounts represent your business, we need to know your business inside out and we take the time to do that before we do anything else.

It’s the ‘social’ side of social media which many businesses ignore who do their social media themselves, believing that all they have to do is post every now and then. Social media is about engagement, communication and relationships. Whether you do it wrong or right, it represents your business. We get you results. We get you followers, likes, engagement and a professional online presence which boosts your business.


​Because we tailor every social media marketing and management package to the unique needs of each business, our prices vary. Please get in contact and we can discuss the needs of your business and suggest a package to suit.

We don’t just post, we understand that social media is about having conversations and not just selling and so we spend time engaging with your customers as well. That means that we don’t price per post but price per management level.  That’s why we are successful at what we do. We understand social media, and we understand that people don’t use it simply to be advertised to.

We can tailor a social media package to suit your needs and your budget, with prices starting from as little as £250 per month.

Why choose us?

Whether you need social media account creation and build, an increase in followers, an event or product promotion or are looking for comprehensive management, we know what we’re doing and we do it with prowess. Hire a social media manager from us and you’re hiring the best there is. Take a look at our own accounts to see some of our recent work and our successes.

What we always provide

Whatever your budget, you will always receive a top class service from ALS Marketing. We love the incredible opportunities social media provides and thrive on the connections and instant results it brings. We do social media with passion, individuality, creativity and authenticity. Take a look at our own social media accounts if you don’t believe us.

Let us set up, build and/or manage your social media for you, and in no time at all you’ll have a professional online presence, followers, interacting customers and loyal supporters. We have years of experience and have worked with a variety of businesses so our social media expertise is exceptionally strong and broad.

We will always ensure weekends and evenings are covered. Interaction at these times far outweighs the off-peak 9-5 Monday-Friday which many other social media managers focus on. We will ensure your social media accounts are active 7-days a week and at all times of day – especially important for our international clients or those businesses with international customers and followers. Social media needs to be managed daily to really work and should not be automised. Imagine starting a conversation with someone and having to wait days for a reply! Social media is multiple conversations all at the same time. It’s customer service and marketing and brand building. It’s brilliant and full of possibilities but it needs to be done properly. Don’t hire an amateur, you’ll regret it in the long run.


Account creation: Want social media accounts for your business but don’t know how to set them up? Let us take the reins and steer you in the right direction. We can set up, configure, design, optimise and launch your social media accounts with their first professional posts. We will then pass them on to you, or you have the option of taking us on as your social media manager.

​Account creation includes 1 profile image, 1 cover/banner image where applicable, biography, contact information, web address and full professional profile creation from just £25 per account.

Increase in followers: There are a multitude of ways of doing this, but what any business really needs is active and engaging followers. We never buy followers.

Advertising:Interested in advertising on social media? We know all about that too and can set you up an advertising campaign to your budget and needs.

Promotion of an event/product: A social media marketing campaign can be implemented by us in order to focus on a specific promotion.

Training: Prefer to run your social media in-house? We can train you. We’ll always focus on best practice, providing you with the confidence and skills to be able to carry out your social media strategy yourselves. We don’t just teach you how to write posts, we teach you to understand what social media is and how to use it to better engage with your customers and send out the right message for your business.


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