Did you know that you can now post to Instagram from outside of the mobile app? This is big news! This function was originally intended only to be used through the mobile site, without having to download the app, but through a clever trick you can now do the same via desktop. This makes things so much easier. We hope eventually Instagram makes this a permanent function of the site, as uploading via desktop, just as you can do with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and many other platforms makes the whole process a lot simpler for those who manage multiple accounts like us!

Instructions to upload to Instagram via desktop:

How this works depends on the browser you use, but for Google Chrome: go to www.instagram.com and press F12 to bring up the developer tools. This shows you the site’s code either at the bottom of your screen or on the right hand side. There’s an icon to the top left which looks like a mobile in front of a tablet, which says ‘Toggle Device Toolbar’ when you hover over it – click on that and you’ll see the mobile version of the website, as shown in the image below. You will then be able to click on the camera icon and upload directly to your Instagram account from your desktop. Brilliant. Unfortunately this does not work for all browsers, but Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser out there so at least this work around works there.

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