A rural glamping site in a hidden valley in Monmouthshire in South Wales, the business was taken over by new owners in 2015 who reached out to us to manage their marketing. They wanted our guidance and expertise to create a marketing strategy that would raise the profile of their unique glamping site. We created a strategy which encompassed digital and print marketing, and quickly took to the task of redesigning and building them a new website with online booking for their five yurts. Over the next seven years we were their outsourced marketing department providing a wide range of marketing services.

Services provided

  • Audit and strategy
  • New ecommerce website design and build
  • Website management
  • Content creation
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Advertising
  • New product launch

Key achievements


We conducted thorough market research to understand the needs and preferences of our client’s target audience. By identifying these key demographics, we tailored our marketing efforts to resonate with their target audience. We created a comprehensive marketing strategy which included leveraging digital platforms, fostering partnerships and prioritised delivering our client’s unique brand message to drive growth and brand awareness.


Project management of a new website design and build which went live in 2016 with a user-friendly online booking system. Their previous website was old fashioned, unresponsive, difficult to navigate and cluttered. We worked with them to create a website which showcased their beautiful yurts, was mobile optimised and with an integrated easy to use booking system. We also completely rewrote all of the content and optimised the website for search.

Influencer campaigns

To expand our client’s reach and appeal to a broader audience, we collaborated with influencers, travel bloggers and eco-conscious brands. These partnerships not only helped increase brand visibility but also lent credibility and authenticity to Hidden Valley Yurts’ commitment to sustainability and environmental credentials. Influencers shared their experiences staying at Hidden Valley Yurts, amplifying the brand’s message and attracting new visitors.

New product launch

We project managed the launch of the site’s new luxury lakeside holiday home in 2018. Including strategy, content creation, positioning, launch campaign, social media and website management. The Lake House gained exceptional reviews and high bookings for our client.