What do you want your business to say? Are you giving out the right message to your prospective customers?

We love branding and rebranding businesses, so read on to find out why good branding is so important and what we can do for you.

Think branding is just about logos? In fact branding encompasses every visual element of your business, telling consumers who you are, what you do, what you sell and whether you’re the right choice for them or not. Branding includes a business’s name, tagline/positioning statement, colour scheme, style, font, description, market, tone of voice, imagery, logo and more! So no, we don’t just do logos.

Consistent, professional branding is vital to build a business’s digital presence as well as build brand loyalty. Customers will connect with a brand based on the messaging they have seen in that instance of engagement. If your business’s brand is inconsistent or confusing, customers can feel disconnected, dissatisfied and lose interest. This is often seen when staff change, especially those in charge of social media management, graphic design, websites or copywriting. Audiences can quickly drop off when the messaging drastically changes and of course when the quality of the output is poor – poor images, repeated images, poor copy, poor messaging, inauthentic messaging (users can spot this a mile off), disengenuous descriptions, spelling and grammar errors including related to the brand or audience, sales pitches etc etc.

Direct, clear and consistent branding helps customers understand what your brand stands for, making it easier for them to recognise you, remember you and purchase from you.

Consistency builds trust. When a brand delivers a consistent message, it tells customers the business is professional, well-organised and reliable. This encourages them to trust in your brand and its product. It’s the basis of great marketing. When customers know what to expect, they are more likely to become loyal. They become accustomed to your brand’s promise and come back for it.

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