10 Years Since We Launched Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens

Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens 2013

It’s 10 years this year since we first opened the doors to Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens. This was a brand new business and we created the entire marketing for the business from scratch. It was full on, and full of fun, and I’ve been reminiscing not only on my time there but where the 10 years since have brought me.

Read our Case Study: Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens for a full overview of the work we did.

I have very fond memories of its incredible gardens which I got to know very well, the planting which was so well thought out that there was always something in bloom; the magnolia tree, the ponds, the kitchen garden, the views, the summerhouse, ‘the wilderness’ – it was immense.

Run by a small team, we all got stuck in to everything that needed doing. In addition to the marketing, I helped installing sculptures, adding labels and marking the location so that I could create the show guide. One day I stumbled on the pond in the formal garden being cleaned and helped out, we discovered several dragonfly larvae which I’d never seen before and was so astonished at what they looked like. There was a swing in ‘the wilderness’ left behind by the previous tenants and a trampoline! Old water channels were discovered in the woodland which looked like they had been blocked up many years previously, these were cleared and the water source traced and fixed, leading to the creation of a beautiful woodland pond.

It was such an incredible and unique place to live and work, and started my Wye Valley and Forest of Dean marketing journey. I met so many people from local tourism businesses during my time at Wyndcliffe and I’m grateful for the opportunities it led to. Where have 10 years gone?!

Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens house and gardens